The Necessity of Hadith in Islam (Emad Hamdeh)


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Author : Emad Hamdeh
Publisher : International Islamic Publishing House (IIPH) Saudi Arabia Print
Language : English
Binding : Hard Cover
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Categories: The Necessity of the Hadith in Islam
Pages : 232
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Description from the publisher:

There was a time when the notion of Hadith rejection was inconceivable. Sad to say, it is now becoming a widespread phenomenon in many countries. The educated and the ignorant, veteran Muslims and reverts, the middle class as well as the elite are falling prey to the misleading ideas projected by the Hadith rejecters through books and other forms of publication. The Internet has, unfortunately, given them a new and effective platform. Emad Hamdeh has taken up the task of replying to these Hadith rejecters with sound and convincing arguments. The Necessity of the Hadith in Islam not only explains the need for the Hadith and the Sunnah at all times, but also presents and refutes the main arguments put forward by Hadith rejecters. Furthermore, Hamdeh has profiled the top few Hadith rejecters and summarized their ideas. This is a well-researched, well-referenced and comprehensive work, which provides useful information to those seeking more knowledge on the subject. It will also sufficiently answer many different questions which come to mind after reading some of the arguments of the Hadith rejecters. Muslims today need to read works such as these to ensure that they are not misled, especially through the Internet.

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