Shaytan and the Nafs: Overcoming our Strongest Enemies #3907


Print : Original Print
Author : Umm Muhammad Abizer
Publisher : Thabaat Publications
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
SKU: IslamHouse-3907
Categories: Shaytan and the Nafs
Pages : 200
Product Dimensions (cm) 15*22
Weight (gm) : 400
Format: Black and White  / Fine Paper Quality

Shaytan and the Nafs

Have you ever wondered…

▪️ How many battles do we fight in a day against our fiercest enemies—Shaytan and our Nafs, or

▪️ How often do we succumb to their instigations every time we take a step towards Allah, the Most Loving?

▪️ Which of the two is more dangerous?

▪️ Whose attack is stronger?

▪️ Whom should we strive more vigorously against to thwart?


All Praise is due to Allah who has not left us unaided; who has given us the perfect guidance to tackle Shaytan and the nafs whenever they intend to cut off our path to Him.

This book is about discovering the winning strategies to overpower Shaytan and the Nafs—our greatest obstacles to achieving our ultimate goal, the pleasure of Allah.

This book is for those seeking to attain Allah’s pleasure, Who want to

— Learn about the two biggest obstacles in this pursuit of his, Shaytan and the Nafs and

— Explore the winning strategies from Quran and Sunnah to overcome these two stumbling blocks with wisdom.

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