Children’s Books : My Quran Stories Gift Box-1 – Quran Stories for Little Hearts


Print : Original Print
Author : Saniyasnain Khan
Publisher : Goodword Publication
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
SKU: IslamHouse-0017
Categories: Children’s Books
Pages : 22 Each Book  Set of 20  Books
Product Dimensions (cm) :16*22
Weight (gm) : 2250
Format: Full Color/ Illustrations, Photos / Good Quality Art Paper

Description from the publisher:

Gift Box-1 The Quran Stories for Little Hearts series is specially designed to provide an easy way to help your children understand more about the stories of the Quran by enjoying them and learning from them in a natural way. It’s a wonderful way to explain the greatest stories of the Quran to children and encourage them to explore the meaning and purpose of the word of Allah. A simple text and magnificent color illustrations will captivate young, active minds.
Perfect for gift giving, Multi Colourful Inside Pages ! This is a gift box of 20 Quran Stories for Little Hearts story books. Each paperback book is 24 pages of attractive Quranic stories. Ages 4
* Life Begins  * The First Man  * The Two Brothers  * The Ark of Nuh  * The Builder of the Kabah  * Allah’s Best Friend  * The Brave Boy  * The Travels of the Prophet Ibrahim (p)  * The Pious Man and his Sons  * Brothers of the Prophet Yusuf  * The Prophet Yusuf and the King’s Dream  * The Story of Two Gardens  * The Most Patient Man  * Allah Speaks to the Prophet Musa (p)  * The Prophet King  * The Ant’s Panic  * The Queen and the Bird  * Tale of a Fish  * The Prophet Hud and the Storm  * Gardens of Saba

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