Riyaa : Hidden Shirk (Yasir al-Qadhi, Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips)


Print : Indian Print
Author : Yasir al-Qadhi, Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
Publisher : Islamic Book Service
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
SKU: IslamHouse-1193
Categories: Belief
Pages : 103
Product Dimensions (cm) 14*21
Weight (gm) 100
Format: Black and White  / Good Quality Paper

In this work, the author has combined the efforts of early scholars, like Ibn al-Jawzee and Ibn Rajab, with that of modern scholars like Saleem al-Hilaalee and Abdul Azeez Abdul Lateef, to study the spiritual disease Riyaa.

The result is a very comprehensive, yet concise, treatise on the subject of Riyaa in which all the Hadith references are verified and authenticated, as well as English Hadith references identified.

It is without a doubt, a very important addition to the English Islamic library, which presently lacks any specialized works on the topic.

Its importance cannot be over-stressed, because the character which Islam seeks to build would be incomplete without a clear understanding of this subject.

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