Crescent Moon Lamp Quran Speaker SQ902 – With Azan Beautiful voice


SKU # IslamHouse-3697
Product name Crescent Moon Lamp Quran Speaker
Model  SQ902
Function Lighting and learning complete quran
Package size 17 X 17 X 18 cm
Material ABS PAC
18 Reciters
(1) Word by Word (2)Mohammad Siddique Mishawi with children (3)Saood ash Shuraym
(4)al Tablaway (5)Abu Baker Shatery (6) Abdulah Matroud
(7) Maher Al-Mu’aiqly (8) Abdullah Basfer (9) Al-Mishawi
(10)AbdulBasit (11) Muhammad Jibreel (12)Muhammad Ayyub
(13) Al-Husari (14) Ahmad bin Ali Al-Ajmi (15) Mishary Bin Rashid Alafasy
(16) Ali al Hudhaify (17) Saeed al-Ghamdi (18) Al-Sudais
14 languages
1. English Transaltion 2. Urdu Translation 3. French Translation
4. BanglaTranslation 5. Indonesian Translation 6. Malaysian Translation
7. Somali Transaltion 8. Turkish Translation 9. Hindi Translation
10.Tamil Translation 11.Jalalain Translation 12. Russian Translation
13. Uzbek Translation 14. Farsi Translation

Main function

Touch to control the color,full quran inside, Sahih Al-Muslim, Al Ruqyah, Sahih AL-Bukhari,Hisnul Muslim, Qaida Noorania, Salat Method,40 Hadith

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