Al-Hasan ibn ‘Ali ibn Abi Tâlib: His Life and Times


Print : Original Print
Author : Dr. Ali Muhammed As-Sallabi
Publisher : International Islamic Publishing House (IIPH) Saudi Arabia Print
Language : English
Binding : Hard Cover
SKU: IslamHouse-1674
Categories: Al Hasan Ibn Ali-His Life & Times
Pages : 430
Product Dimensions (cm) 14*21
Weight (gm) : 700
Format: Black and White  / Fine Quality  Paper

Description from the publisher:

A detailed biography of al-Hasan ibn ‘Ali (ra), a role model for youth and adults alike. Al-Hasan was brought up under the guidance of his grandfather, the Messenger of Allah (bpuh), along with his noble parents Fâtimah az-Zahrâ’ and ‘Ali ibn Abi Tâlib (may Allah be pleased with them both). The life of Hasan (may Allah be pleased with him) sets an example for all Muslims, especially our Muslim leaders. It shows us how we should be willing to sacrifice the adornments of this transient world for the sake of Allah, the Exalted. This book details the biography of Hasan ibn ‘Ali, who is indeed a role model for the youth and the adults to emulate in their personal and social lives.

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