Usool Ath Thalatha Explanation of the Three Fundamental Principles of Islaam


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Author : Shaikh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen
Publisher : Al Hidaayah Publishers*Indian Printed
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Description from the publisher:

The three principles of islam.

In the name of Allah, Who is Entirely Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy.

Know, may Allah have mercy on you, that it is mandatory upon us to learn four matters:

First: Knowledge, which means: awareness of Allah, awareness of the Prophet and awareness of the religion of Islam, based on evidences.

Second: acting on this.

Third: Calling to this.

Fourth: Patience to the harm that befalls due to that.

The proof for this is the ayah of the Quran:

In the name of Allah, Who is Entirely Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy. By the time! Verily mankind is in loss – except for the ones who believe and perform righteous deeds, and recommend one another towards the truth and advise one another towards patience.

The three fundamental principles which are obligatory for every male Muslim and female Muslim to learn are that the servant knows his Lord, his religion and his Prophet, Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him.

If someone asks you, “Who is your Lord?” Then answer, “My Lord is Allah, the One Who nurtured me and nurtured all of creation with His blessings. He is the One Whom I worship and I do not worship anything besides him .

Evidence that Allah is your Lord is verse 2 of surah al fatihah: All praise is for Allah, the Lord of the alameen. (mankind, djinn and all that exists)

If someone asks you, “What is your religion?” Answer, “My religion is Islam; and it means to submit to Allah with Tawhid [Islamic monotheism ], yielding to Him and obeying Him , and to disassociate from polytheism and its people.”

And if someone asks you: “Who is your Prophet?” Then answer, “Muhammad b. Abdullah b. ‘Abdul M uttalab b. Hashim, and Hashim are of the Quraysh, and the Quraysh are descendants from the Arab, and the Arabians are the progeny of Ismail b. Ibrahim . May Allah grant both of them and our prophet of them , and our Prophet, the best exaltation and most excellent safety.

These subjects are all throroughly explained in this book. Other subjects in this book are

– 5 pillars of Islam

– 6 pillars of Iman

– Ihsan

All of them are named with evidences. May Allah reward Muhammed bin Abdul-Wahhaab and Muhammed bin Saalih al-Uthaymeen and others who helped in the best way for all the work they had for writing the three principles and also their other works. May Allah let it be of benefit for us.

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