Umdat Al-Fiqh Explained : A Commentary on Ibn Qudamah’s |Dr. Hatem al-Haj| IIPH 2Vol


Print : Original Print
Author : Dr. Hatem al-Haj
Publisher : International Islamic Publishing House (IIPH) Saudi Arabia Print
Language : English
Binding : Hard Cover
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Categories: Fiqh Explained
Pages : Vol 1-634  | Vol-2 600 Set of 2Volumes
Product Dimensions (cm) 17*24
Weight (gm) 2500
Format: Black and White  / Fine Quality Paper

Description from the publisher:

Umdat Al-Fiqh Explained
A Commentary On Ibn Qudamah’s
The Reliable Manual Of Fiqh

The Sharia, based on the holy revelation (the Quran and Sunnah), sets out the way for believers to sustain a devotional relationship with their creator and to treat His creation with justice and graciousness. In ‘Umdat al-Fiqh, Imam Ibn Qudamah has produced a valuable resource by summarizing all the rules according to the Hanbali school; in these volumes, I have translated his authoritative manual and written a commentary on it.

My commentary includes the views of the other schools of fiqh where warranted, and it addresses some contemporary issues, particularly those pertaining to Muslims living as minorities in non-Muslim societies.

I augmented it with proofs from the revelations, as well as rational arguments, and expounded on some of the wisdom of the legislation.

I also used symbols and bullet points, as well as charts, tables, and graphs for simplification. This, I hope, will allow for the book to be utilized with ease and referred to as a primary source of fiqh.

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