The Disease And The Cure ~ Imam Ibn al-Qayyim | Hard Cover # 3813-1


Print : Indian Print
Author : Imam Ibn al-Qayyim
Publisher : Hikmah Publications -*Indian Printed
Language : English
Binding : Hard Cover
SKU: IslamHouse-3813-1
Categories : The Disease And The Cure
Pages : 530
Product Dimensions (cm) 14*21
Weight (gm) : 800
Format: Black and White  / Fine Paper Quality

Description from the publisher:

If the supplication is combined with a complete presence and consciousness of heart for the objective and meets with the six prescribed times of a response – and they are:.The last third of the night; at the time of the call to prayer; between the call to prayer and the second call to perform the prayer; immediately upon completion of the five obligatory prayers; from the moment the Imiim ascends to deliver the sermon on Friday till the establishment of the prayer and the final hour on Friday after the afternoon prayer. Now; if this is matched with the awe in the heart and a dire sense of need before your Lord; a sense of insignificance; an earnest plead to Him and a weakness in being without His aid whilst facing the direction of prayer; being in a state of purity; raising the hands upwards towards

Allah The Most High; beginning the supplication with praises and glorification of Allah before coupling this with sending the blessings and salutations upon Muhammad a the Messenger and His servant; then offering repentance; seeking forgiveness before addressing Allah and being persistent in the request; adulating Him whilst invoking Him in hope and fear; interceding with His Oneness and Perfect Names and Attributes and offering an act of charity- if this is all performed; it would be a supplication that would seldom be rejected; especially if it corresponds with the supplications that the Prophet has informed us of that are most likely answered and those that contain The Great Name of Allah.

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