The Book Of Cleanliness : Shaikh Muhammad Iqbal Kailani~Tafheem-us-Sunnah


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Author : Shaikh Muhammad Iqbal Kailani
Publisher : Islami Kitab Ghar
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
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Categories: The Book Of Cleanliness
Pages : 110
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The first lesson of Islam is cleanliness or purity. The respectful traditions and the Imams have always commenced their Books of Hadith and Fiqh with the problems of cleanliness (purity). Whenever a non-Muslim desires to embrace Islam, his first act is to have a bath and purify himself and thereafter recite the formula of purity or Testimony. He is then referred to as a Muslim. In fact the teaching of Islam in respect of purity and cleanliness is a great blessing. There are some parents who not only feel shy and timid to discuss such matters with their children before they come of age; but they resent if any such matter enquired by their children. This book teached how to acquire cleanliness and purify on self as per the traditions of the prophet (SAS) and Commands of Allah (SWT).

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