Rulings Pertaining to Muslim Women (Dr. Saleh Fauzan Al-Fauzan)


Print : Indian Print  
Author : Dr. Saleh Fauzan Al-Fauzan
Publisher : Darussalam-*Indian Printed Best Quality
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
SKU: IslamHouse-0116
Categories: Women
Pages : 150
Product Dimensions (cm) 14*21
Weight (gm) 350
Format: Black and White

All praises to be Allah, who is Most Gracious and Most Merciful. Allah created everything in the form of pairs, like Allah created male and female, from a single drop. I bear witness that there is no God worthy of Worship except Allah, alone without partners in worship. (Beshak) Before the advent of Islam, women didn’t have any status in Arab society. The birth of the girl for example was considered to be unwelcome event. But the status of the women created by the Islam is unique. They have proper rights in a society.  They are not inferior to anyone. Islam gives respect and rights to women by introducing many relation, such as mother, daughter, sister and wife. In short, Islam gives comprehensive approach to the women. This book “Rulings pertaining to Muslim Women” written by Dr. Saleh Fauzan highlights the key aspects of women’s life   

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