Qur’an Uthmani Mushaf With Tajweed Rules 15 Line


Print : Indian Print
Publisher : Indian Print
Language : Arabic
Binding : Hardcover
SKU: IslamHouse-1968-1
Categories: Qur’an Madina Mushaf
Pages : 671
Product Dimensions (cm) 12*17
Weight (gm) : 600
Format: Black and White  / Fine Paper Quality

About The Mushaf

The colour-coded Qur’an is intended to facilitate and enhance the reading of the Qur’an with Tajweed.

It can be used by Hifz, other Madrasah students, the researcher and the general reader who reads purely for devotional purposes. Anything that aids the correct reading of the Qur’an is rewarding, both educationally and spiritually.

The Qur’an is produced by colour coding the various rules where a particular Tajweed rule applies with a different colour.

As such the Qur’an is ideally suited for the students of Hifz who will easily recognize the various rules of Tajweed.

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