Marital Discord : Causes & Cures ~Majdi Muhammad Ash-Shahawi



Print : Indian Print
Author : Majdi Muhammad Ash-Shahawi
Publisher : Darussalam-*Indian Printed
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
SKU: IslamHouse-0045
Categories: Women/Family
Pages : 154
Product Dimensions (cm) 14*21
Weight (gm) 300
Format: Black and White  / Good Quality Paper

Description from the publisher:

Marriage is one of the most beautiful relationships in the world and it provides a sense of belonging, love, care, and intimacy in the lives of people. Unfortunately, there are thousands and thousands of cases where married life is all but love. In this book, the author explores the causes of such discords in Muslim Marriages and also provides practical solutions to solve these problems and bring out the true spirit of this beautiful relationship.

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