Managing Your Emotions (Therapy from Quran and Sunnah-2)-KSA-IIPH


Print : Original Print
Author : Dr. Feryad Hussain
Publisher : International Islamic Publishing House (IIPH) Saudi Arabia Print
Language : English
Binding : Hard Cover
SKU: IslamHouse-3540
Categories: Managing Your Emotions
Pages : 219
Product Dimensions (cm) 14*21
Weight (gm) 600
Format: Black and White  / Fine Quality Paper

Description from the publisher:

This work is an Islamically-centered self-help approach to managing difficult emotions experienced by most, if not all, of us due to the pressures and demands we face in our modern, complex society. Using examples from her clinical experience with patients, the author presents a wide range of emotions – including anger, sadness, and fear – to connect her ideas to key therapeutic approaches, to provide an Islamic framework for their implementation in personal character development. She explains how the simplicity and clarity of this methodology nurture and strengthen our faith, and it is faith that sets us free.

كيف تدير عواطفك – سلسلة العلاج من القرآن والسنة – 2

About the Author

Dr. Feryad A. Hussain is an experienced consultant clinical psychologist. She has worked with multiple government, academic and healthcare institutions to highlight awareness and encourage inclusion of the psychological aspects of health and well-being in all areas of life and living. She has a special interest in Islamically-centred character development and actualizing these principles as a way of living one’s best life.

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