Learning Arabic The Simple Way


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Author : Mustaffa Abdullah
Publisher : Al Hasanath Publication
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
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Categories: Learning Arabic Language
Pages : 170
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Weight (gm) : 250
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Description from the publisher:

This book is designed for those who want to learn Arabic through self-study. The book acquaints the learner in the beginning with the alphabets of Arabic. It then takes him to get acquainted with the different vowel points used individually with each and every alphabet. Since words are compounded of the alphabets and vowel points, this will teach the learner to read Arabic words and sentences, But, it should be understood that a teacher is needed to teach the learner to pronounce correctly the alphabets and words of Arabic. This is because there are a number of alphabets that have no equivalent sounds in English, especially those with the gulttural sounds. Once the learner is acquainted with the sounds of Arabic and able to pronounce them correctly, he will be able to read words and sentences as they are written. His next step will be learning Arabic as a language. As a beginner of Arabic he will need to know some basic rules of grammar. Even if, the student is learning colloquial Arabic, a knowledge of some fundamentals of grammar at least, is essential. The first part of this book has been written to supply this want.

The second part of this book of dialogues. There are altogether thirty dialogues in this part of this book. Each and every dialogue has an introduction to it and is accompanied by a vocabulary of words used in the dialogue. If the word is a verb, it gives the past tense, the present tense and its verbal noun. If it is a noun, its plural is also given. Many Arabic words convey several meanings. But, it should be understood that only the meaning used in the dialogues are given. Frequently used words and phrases are found in the dialogues. By the time the learner of Arabic has covered the second part of this book, it is expected that he will be able to converse in Arabic with some degree of fluency.

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