Kitab At-Tauhid (Full Color Edition) Original Print Darussalam


Print : Original Print
Author : Shaikh Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab
Publisher : Darussalam Saudi Arabia Print
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
SKU: IslamHouse-1690
Categories: Aqeedah/Belief
Pages : 215
Product Dimensions (cm) 17*24
Weight (gm) : 750
Format: Full Color/ Illustrations, Photos / Good Quality Art Paper

Description from the publisher:

Kitab At-Tauhid (Full Color Edition) Original Print Darussalam

Kitab At-Tauhid is an English Translation of the Arabic Original of the great Muslim thinker, reformer & scholar Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab. This great work of the Imam explains everything about the most important aspect of Islamic beliefs & creed, Tauhid. You will learn what is the real meaning of Tawhid, what its implications on a Muslims life and what are the types of Shirk and how to save oneself from them.  

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