Introducing Prophet Muhammad To Non Muslims


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Author : Prof. Muhammad Shamim
Publisher : Islamic Book Service
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Why among the eighteen great lawgivers of the world engraved on the wall of the US Supreme Court, Muhammad (PBUH) is shown holding a sword in one hand and the Quran in the other; out of many prophets and sages why it was only Muhammad who took sword in his hand? Which distinguishing features make him unique among world leaders, secular or religious? Why is he hated and blamed as an originator of terrorism by many and at the same time loved and admired as the best history maker and regarded as a revolutionary extraordinaire by others? And after all, what is the rationality of following him today? If he were today, how could he have alleviated the problems of the present day tumultuous world? Why to believe in Muhammad (pbh) as a Messenger of God? And why a man of today well equipped with advanced scientific knowledge needs any guidance from a messenger?
These and many other searching subject matters have been analyzed in this book. All through the book the author has tried his best to be objective and has examined each and every topic logically. Traditionally authors have written biographies of the Prophet as just ‘descriptive; very few have dealt with such questions as mentioned above in ‘analytical’ manner. This book in your hand will prove to be a milestone in writing the biography of the Prophet by authors of coming days.
For inquisitive minds, this book will provide satisfying answers to many questions that haunt their minds or at least surely open new windows of thinking about the Prophet.

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