Early Sources for Prophet Muhammed’s Biography (ﷺ) Dr. Muhammad Syeed Mitwally ar-Rahawan


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Author : Dr. Muhammad Syeed Mitwally ar-Rahawan
Publisher : International Islamic Publishing House
Language : English
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Categories: Biographies
Pages : 239
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Description from the publisher:

In ‘Early Sources for Prophet Muhammad’s Biography’; Dr. Muhammad Saeed Mitwally aims to prove that applying Western methods of critical analysis to the available Muslim sources can take us back to early; reliable information about the Prophet (sa).

Early Western biographies of the Prophet of Islam (sa) were largely based upon the Qur’an; as well as upon the late Muslim sources dating from the sixteenth century. After the publication of Goldziher’s Muhammedanische Studien in 1890; the reliability of Muslim sources became controversial. This stance was intensified by the publication of Schacht’s The Origins of Muhammadan Jurisprudence; in which he claimed that none of the Hadith literature is authentic. In this book; Dr. Muhammad Saeed Mitwally successfully challenges some of the problems raised by the pessimistic attitude.


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