Muqaddas Rasool Ba Jawab Rangila Rasool~ English


Print : Original Print
Author : Shaikh ul islam allama Sanaullah Amritsari
Translation : Uzair Khan
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
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Categories : Muqaddas Rasool
Pages : 76
Product Dimensions (cm) 14*21
Weight (gm) : 200
Format: Black and White  / Good Quality Paper

Description from the publisher:

“We have seen exemplars where in the guise of free speech Prophet Muhammad was ridiculed and anathematized in an abhorrent manner, and its endorsement by Islamophobes, should not come as a surprise. Prophet Muhammad has been a constant prey of missionaries, orientalists, and antagonists who are keen on blemishing the true image of our Prophet. The Enemies of Islam always travail day and night to push away sincere Non-Muslims away from Islam.

We are honored to present a translation of “Muqaddas Rasool Ba Jawab Rangila Rasool” (The Revered Messenger: A response to a book called Lustful Rasool) by Shaykh Al-Islam Thanaullah Amritsari, which was written in 1924. The book “Rangila Rasool (Lustful Messenger)” was written by an unknown member of the Arya Samaj. The recent controversy where A Official spokesperson of a ruling party vilified and blemished the honor of our beloved Prophet accusing him of atrocious allegations something that is nothing new and was met with likewise outcry from our Muslim brethren and Muslim countries leading to an apology by the Government Authorities and dismissal of the perpetrators.
However, such kind of vilification is still the norm and mode of conduct by the majority of the right-wing influenced Hindus who cater immense hatred within their hearts against Muslims in general and Islam and the Prophet in specific. This dismissal serves no more than an appeasement tactic to save themselves from an economic boycott which was started by the Gulf Nations. There are many officials who are still in power from the ruling government who have made genocidal statements and are continuing to do so with the massive support they have from like-minded people and trolls. We had to publish this historical response that was written for a similar calumny nearly a century ago.”

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